Map Info

Map Info is a simple widget for displaying mouse coordinates. Optionally map scale and zoom level can also be displayed.


CMV includes a dom node for the widget in mapOverlay.html:

<div style="position:absolute;bottom:0;left:0;z-index:40;">
    <div id="mapInfoDijit">


In viewer/config.js:

mapInfo: {
    include: true,
    id: 'mapInfo',
    type: 'domNode',
    path: 'gis/dijit/MapInfo',
    srcNodeRef: 'mapInfoDijit',
    options: {
        map: true, //required
        mode: 'dms', //'map', 'dec' or 'dms'
        firstCoord: 'y', //which coord to display first ('x')
        unitScale: 2, //coord decimal places (2)(affects seconds in 'dms' format)
        showScale: true, //show map scale (false)
        showZoom: false, //show zoom level (false)
        xLabel: 'X:', //label for x coord ('X:')
        yLabel: 'Y:', //label for y coord ('Y:')
        scaleLabel: '1:', //label for map scale ('1:')
        zoomLabel: 'Z', //label for zoom level ('Z')
        minWidth: 286, //minimum width in pixels of widget (0)(when 0 widget fits content)
        proj4Catalog: 'EPSG', //'ESRI', 'EPSG' or 'SR-ORG' **
        proj4Wkid: 2992 //wkid of the map **

Defaults are shown in parenthesis.

** proj4Catalog and proj4Wkid are only used and required when using a non Web Mercator or WGS projection and mode is dec or dms.


MapInfo loads its own CSS and can be found in js/gis/dijit/MapInfo/css/MapInfo.css