A CMV friendly wrapper for the Esri editor widget. Accepts a settings property which is described on the Esri Javascript API page for the Editor Widget.

Feature layers are added by default to the editor widget. Feature layers with editing disabled will automatically be hidden.

Example Config Object

editor: {
    include: true,
    id: 'editor',
    type: 'titlePane',
    path: 'gis/dijit/Editor',
    title: 'Editor',
    open: false,
    position: 8,
    options: {
        map: true,
        mapClickMode: true,
        editorLayerInfos: true,
        settings: {
            toolbarVisible: true,
            showAttributesOnClick: true,
            enableUndoRedo: true,
            createOptions: {
                polygonDrawTools: ['freehandpolygon', 'autocomplete']
            toolbarOptions: {
                reshapeVisible: true,
                cutVisible: true,
                mergeVisible: true