Contributing to the Project

There are many ways to contribute to CMV:

  1. Tell your friends and colleagues - We are a community of developers. Help spread the CMV love and help the community grow.

  2. Create documentation This documentation is a living document that is updated frequently by the community. Please feel free to suggest changes in the documentation issues list.

  3. Answer Questions at Stack Exchange - is the prime destination for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please answer questions and help new developers get more comfortable with CMV.

  4. Join the Chat Room - Lots of us in CMV community hang out in the chat room on Gitter. Feel free to hangout with us, answer questions and throw out ideas.

  5. User contributed widgets - For general information on how to build a CMV widget read Building Custom Widgets. Users can submit widgets to the cmv-contrib-widgets repo. These widgets are created and submitted by users. Head on over and read the details.

  6. Propose a Feature - If there is a feature you would like to request, add it to the issues list for consideration.

  7. Submit an Issue - If you find a possible bug, please submit an issue in the issues log. Be sure to review the existing issues to avoid duplication.

  8. Submit a Pull Request - If you are developer and have an enhancement or bug fix you would like to submit to CMV, pull requests are welcome. Please review the the documentation on Contributing on GitHub before submitting any Pull Requests.