Example Config Object

streetview: {
    include: true,
    id: 'streetview',
    type: 'floating',
    path: 'gis/dijit/StreetView',
    title: 'Google Street View',
    options: {
        map: true,
        mapClickMode: true,
        openOnStartup: true

Host Your Own Projection File

If desired, you can load a projection file from your own server instead of using one from i.e., http://YourServer/projections/102642.js.

This is necessary if your server cannot access external sites.

The following steps will guide you:

  1. Go to
  2. Browse the reference you need, for example ESRI,
  3. Search for your WKID, for example 102660,
  4. Click on the result you require, for the above search the result is
  5. Click the Proj4js Format link,
  6. Save the file in *.js format on your server
  7. Modify the line in viewer/js/gis/dijit/StreetView.js where proj4CustomURL:null,
  8. Enter your site address and the location of the file you saved above, proj4CustomURL: 'http://YourServer/projections/102660.js',